15 Gifs That Are Way Awesomer In Reverse

Time travel isn’t possible yet (thanks, science). But these reverse .gifs should hold us over until we find that Flux Capacitor.

1. Ladies …

ID: 752857

2. We were at the park when the drugs began to take hold

ID: 752810

3. Mans best friend delivers

ID: 752805

4. Follow me. Come on, bro!

ID: 752812

5. Right behind you

ID: 752815

6. I hate it when there’s no seats left

ID: 752819

7. Spices. Not even once.

ID: 752845

8. Watch me go full ‘squatch, bro.

ID: 760119

9. Those Yoga classes are really paying off

ID: 752876

10. Let me have a closer look

ID: 752886

11. I regret nothing

ID: 752923

12. Just use the hatrack, Carl

ID: 752946

13. I must go. My planet needs me.

ID: 760176

14. Bro, do you even CrossFit?

ID: 753041

15. Awesomer. So very awesomer. I’ll unclap to that.

ID: 752821

Evol Hcum,

Virgin Mobile

ID: 760223

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