11 Things No One Wants To See You Instagram

After the announcement of Instagram for Android phones, we thought a helpful reminder was needed to keep your friends, well, friends.

1. Food

Cool. Now eat it and get your ass over to the epic party you’re about to miss.

ID: 208120

2. Self Shots

The vintage tone really brings out your pecs and rebel lifestyle.

ID: 208128

3. Your Feet/Shoes

OK, there is a small segment of the population who collect these type of pictures, but we don’t think Rex Ryan is in your friend list.

ID: 208132

4. Garbage

It just … it’s like, life. You know, man?

ID: 208142

5. Nothing

How will you even tag it on Facebook?

ID: 208145

6. You Being Bored

Great. Now we’re bored too.

ID: 208152

7. Other People’s Photos

You can’t be a photographer by association.

ID: 208161

8. Clouds Outside Your Airplane Window

Thanks for reminding us that we’re not on vacation.

ID: 208165

9. You Trying to Be Artsy

Life is art - Art is life. But not always.

ID: 208173

10. Anything in the Bathroom

That’s just crap.

ID: 208181

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