10 Ways You Know You Were Born Before The Internet

Back in the olden days, a super ridiculous weekend included copying newspaper headlines by smooshing them with Silly Putty. Now, well… posted on

1. Soda can tabs are the original Facebook “Like”

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: See how many people care about a cause by collecting a million soda can tabs and sending them somewhere to be counted.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: “Like” a Facebook post to get someone to plank naked on a police car.

2. Magna Doodles are the original iPad

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let’s use our imagination with a Magna Doodle!

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Use an iPad.

3. ‘Spin The Bottle’ is the original MATCH

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Leave it to chance by spinning a bottle and hoping the other person wasn’t Scott. (Ew, Scott.)

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Find a match by filling out a questionnaire and hoping someone else answered exactly the way you did. (Unless they’re Scott. Ew, Scott.)

4. ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ is the original YouTube

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: I’m gonna watch funny stuff on TV Sunday night.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: I’m going on YouTube eeeeryday.

5. Trading cards are the original memes

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let’s collect and share Garbage Pail Kids.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Following meme blogs.

6. Autographs are the original celeb retweet

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: OMG I think he just looked at me!!


7. Game cartridges are the original apps

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Categorizing our Atari cartridges and lining them up on the floor.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Organizing all our game apps on one screen.

8. Library card catalogs are the original Kindle store

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Search for a book by alphabetical criteria, then go find it in the library.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Type what you know in a search bar and find it in a list of search results.

9. Clue is the original CSI

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Let’s play Clue with our friends to figure out who dunnnit.

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: I’m going to spend hours in bed watching CSI marathons on Spike TV.

10. Dads are the original hipsters

AT FIRST WE WERE LIKE: Dad what are you doing?

BUT NOW WE’RE ALL: Dad you are amazing.

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