10 Ways To Prank Your Friend’s Phone

Mobile phones make a handy and entertaining improvement to our day, so here are 10 April Fools’ pranks to make your friend’s cell phone, well, less than convenient.

1. Set them up with a text “subscription” to Cat Facts.

Did you know a cat’s tail is made up of more than 30 bones? Well, now your friend does.

2. The Ringtone Swap or “Cringetone.”

Some classics we recommend include “It’s Raining Men” and anything by Rick Astley.

3. Change their Wi-Fi signal to something more … discreet.

What better way to broadcast how you’re really feeling to the world?

4. Connect your Bluetooth and dial the Justin Bieber Fan Line. Enjoy.

Or you could butt-in on their conversations with mom. Either way is fun.

5. Adjust their contacts list to a more appropriate title.

The only limit is your imagination. And the character input limit.

6. Use a caller ID mask for a Bart Simpson inspired cranks.

Websites like www.Telespoof.com work nicely for this. Just don’t expect a call back.

7. Create some more interesting text shortcuts.

When was the last time a text actually made you laugh out loud?

8. Did you know that you can change a phone’s unlock message? Well you can.

The look of bewilderment on your friend’s face is priceless. Have your camera phone ready.

9. Have some fun with the default language settings.

Make those Mandarin lessons finally pay off and your friend finally pay you back.

10. Induce panic by changing the background image to a broken screen.

Nothing is more stressful than having to peruse your favorite cat pictures through broken glass.

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