10 Situations Where Texting Makes You A Total Douche

Sending a text in any of these situations is a sure-fired way to let the world know you’re a total douche.

1. When you’re locking lips with a babe that’s way out of your league.

2. When you’re at grandmom’s weird church. The one with the lazer shows, and the neon Jesus.

3. When you’re on the back of a crotch rocket… without a helmet.

4. When you’re about to take a taxi in the thigh.

5. When you’re about to get a DUI.

6. When you’ve got front row seats to fashion week. Come on, It’s not a Carl’s Jr.

7. When you should be showing respect to a fallen hero.

8. When you’re ruining a bear’s big day out on the town.


9. When you’re on live TV in front of millions of other impressionable douche bags.

10. When you’re sporting a rented tux in front of 200 people and your best friend is throwing his life away.

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