20 Ways MTV Used To Own Summer

MTV used to have summer on lock down with shows you’d want to watch from 11 in the morning to 4 in the morning.

1. The MTV Beach House was way better than the crap shack your parents rented in Ocean City

2. Beach MTV with Daisy Fuentes… mmmmm Daisy Fuentes

3. Jenny McCarthy in her pre-mommy blogger days

4. Cameramen that knew how to work a low angle

5. Knowing that just off camera it was probably getting out of hand

6. Billy Corgan hosted 120 minutes

7. Summer wadrobes + Dance contests = TV gold for 12-year-olds

8. This guy had a job

9. This guy too

10. Actual real bands would play actual real music, actually by the pool

11. Spring Break reruns ALL SUMMER LONG!!!!!

12. Late night Aeon Flux marathons

13. LFO in heavy rotation

14. Will and Jazzy too

15. Two Julie Browns - Downtown, and the other one

16. The Real World / Road Rules Challenge - back when it used to mean something

17. Celebrities used to play sports with Dan Cortez for reasons unknown

18. These jerks weren’t around

19. But these guys were!

20. Kurt F@#%ing Loder!

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