Twitter Attacked A Comedian For A Sexist Joy Division Joke

Scott Aukerman, the host of Comedy Bang Bang, wrote a stupid tweet about hot girls in Joy Division shirts. The internet went IN on him.

This is the cover for Joy Division’s classic album, Unknown Pleasures.

It’s a really popular T-shirt design, and is worn by plenty of men and women alike. One comic, Scott Aukerman, focused on the latter gender’s fondness for the T-shirt in a tweet.

Scott Aukerman is the co-host of the IFC show Comedy Bang Bang, which is pretty well-regarded for smart, irreverent comedy. He also runs Earwolf, a popular podcast network that serves as a hub for the Los Angeles comedy scene. So some Twitter users were stymied and pissed off about this joke. Many were eager to viciously take down the idea of “OH YOU HAVE BOOBS AND LIKE MUSIC? IMPOSSIBLE!” Turns out, for every Scott Aukerman, there are plenty more people who are willing to call out the problems with jokes like this in ways both serious and hilarious.

5. But mostly, people just shot back at him with jokes of their own.

11. His response to the criticism? A string of tweets that addressed it without really addressing it at all.

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