The 21 Cutest Lipsticks Of All Time

From cats to owls to Alice in Wonderland motifs, these lipsticks are just absolutely delightful.

1. Elephants and unicorns

From the Paul & Joe Spring 2013 collection. Packaging and lipstick sold separately.

ID: 1151307

2. Weird little people (and a dog)!

These Shiseido lip amulets are available only in Asia, but might be worth the trip.

ID: 1151323

3. The babes of “Archie”

MAC paid tribute to Betty and Veronica with an entire makeup collection.

ID: 1151336

4. Matryoshka dolls

By Anna Sui. Sadly no longer available.

ID: 1151316

5. Cats and swans!

Another from Paul & Joe, the reigning champs of adorable lipstick packaging.

ID: 1151311

6. Mints and pin-ups

This TokyoMilk kit has both of your make-out essentials at the ready.

ID: 1151342

7. Owls

Though now out of stock, these Urban Outfitters owl lipsticks are certainly a real hoot! (Ugh, sorry, I had to.)

ID: 1151351

8. Minxes

Pink Flamingo by Glamourflage features an adorable babe on the tube.

ID: 1151346


If you’d feel bad smudging the cat heads on the feline lipstick above, Tony Moly Cat’s Wink is a better bet for you.

ID: 1151434

10. Purple roses

This Anna Sui lipstick is pretty and floral, but in an unexpected way.

ID: 1151445

11. Newsprint

What’s black and white and red all over? This TheBalm lipstick!

ID: 1151458

12. Unicorns

Lime Crime is known just as well for their sparkly, mythical-beast-based packaging as the bright colors they offer.

ID: 1151462

13. Bows

As if lipstick needed to be any more overly feminine, Etude House put a bow on it.

ID: 1151468

14. Hearts!

These Holika Holika lip-hearts are kind of too much to handle.

ID: 1151474

15. Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty line by MAC is kawaii as fuck.

ID: 1151521

16. Actual flower seeds

You can plant the box this Cargo lipstick comes in, turning regular ol’ garbage into flowers.

ID: 1151549

17. Wonder Woman

Yet another (quite literally) super lipstick from MAC.

ID: 1151567

18. Swords

This Urban Decay lipstick is fronting like it’s all tough, but it’s really a big softy.

ID: 1151587

19. More owls

These Accessorize lipsticks come in elegantly twee tubes.

ID: 1151668

20. Alice in Wonderland!

Paul & Joe stuck again with this curiously marvelous Spring 2010 collection.

ID: 1151318

21. Crayons

These Kate Spade lipstick crayons are discontinued, but they’ll live on forever in our kindergarten dreams.

ID: 1151599

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