18 Wonderfully Nerdy Guitar Straps

In case you feel like canceling out any street cred you’ve built up for being in a cool band.

1. Star Wars

Perfect for Han Solo-ing.

ID: 793514

2. Marvel Comics

Guitarvengers, assemble!

ID: 793523

3. Space Invaders

Pretend you’re annihilating aliens with your hot licks and I personally guarantee you’ll get 57% better at the guitar instantly.

ID: 793539

4. Batman

You have to also sing vocals in an really low Christian Slater voice if you decide to buy this puppy.

ID: 793578

5. Star Trek


ID: 793581

6. Superman

For those with riffs of steel.

ID: 793591

7. C-3PO

You were programmed for one thing and one thing only: ripping a fret board the hell UP.

ID: 793604

8. Classic movie monsters

Your stage name can be “Boris Guitarloff.” Wait, that’s actually really cool. No one take my idea!!

ID: 793609

9. Dragons

I feel like this one is best for people who play really early Iron Maiden-y nerd metal about, like, druids and wycked foryst enchantments and all that weird stuff.

ID: 793620

10. Super Mario Bros. 3

Wait, this rules so much that I actually can’t even take it. Super Mario Bros. 3 was totally the best one, and this guitar strap agrees with me.

ID: 793639

11. Playing cards

I have never seen another physical object scream “aging rock dad” as much as this one does, and for that reason, I love it infinitely.

ID: 793653

12. The Incredible Hulk


ID: 793674

13. Lord Of The Rings

This strap was designed to look like the White Tree of Gondor. If you actually know what that is, it means you pretty much need to buy this.

ID: 793670

14. Iron Man

This is perfect for people who are fans of both Marvel Comics and Black Sabbath.

ID: 793758

15. Harry Potter

For Stratocasters that are also spell casters.

ID: 793688

16. Joust

I guess it makes sense that serious arcade buffs would have the hand-eye coordination necessary to melt faces with their solos.

ID: 793843

17. Power Rangers


ID: 793855

18. And, of course, Rush

ID: 793716

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