15 Reminders That Bruce Springsteen Is A Stone Cold Fox

I mean, have you seen his butt in a pair of jeans?

1. Oh, hello there.

ID: 960252

2. Are you ready to experience all of this magic?

ID: 960280

3. Well, brace yourself (Bruce yourself?), because the Boss is almost too sexy to handle.

ID: 960297

4. See, he’s the right kind of daredevil.

ID: 960379

5. And he LOVES his fans.

ID: 961177

6. He gives every performance his all.

ID: 960542

7. And just look at how seductive he is while reading in bed!

Can I sleep over?

ID: 960944

8. His smile is pretty much everything.

ID: 961033

9. The man can work the hell out of a white t-shirt.

ID: 961267

10. And Bruce’s butt in a pair of jeans is nothing short of a holy miracle.

This photo comes from the essential Springsteen ass blog Bruce Springsteen’s Butt.

ID: 961316

11. He’s a pro at giving the look.

ID: 961024

12. Especially while being a PATRIOT.

ID: 961252

13. There’s really just no arguing with Bruce’s perfection, so don’t even try.

ID: 961339

14. Because the truth of the matter is really just this.

ID: 960270

15. And the Boss himself is distinctly aware of this fact, too. As he well should be.

ID: 960269

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