12 Ways To Annoy A DJ

Can you please play the one that goes “DUM DUM DUM da DA DUM BUM BAAAA?”

1. “Can you put this song on next?”

ID: 869727

2. “It’s my/my friend’s birthday, so you have to play this song!”

ID: 869749

3. “It’ll be sooooo funny if you play this joke/parody/hokey song next!”

ID: 869761

4. “Would you mind putting my jacket in the booth while I dance?”

ID: 869663

5. “Can I hang out in the booth with you?”

ID: 869657

6. “Here, play MY tracklist even though you’ve clearly already made your own mix!”

ID: 869780

7. “What does this button/knob do?”

ID: 869877

8. “Can I put my drink here for a sec?”

ID: 869813

9. “Here’s a dollar, now will you play my song?”

It’s gonna take a little more than that, dude.

ID: 869845

10. “Put on something we can dance to!”

ID: 869889

11. “Can you play the one that goes, like, DUM DUM DUM da DA DUM BUM BAAAA?”

Uh, probably not.

ID: 869921

12. “Can you play a song from my phone/off of YouTube?”

ID: 869955

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