11 Reasons Why B*Witched Was Your Favorite Band In Grade School

Come on, you totally knew every word to “C’est la Vie.”

1. You were SO JEALOUS of their coordinated outfits.

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Especially the denim ones. Wait, come to think of it, weren’t they all denim?

2. You would wait for HOURS to hear “Jesse Hold On” on Radio Disney.

There was something about those funky banjo lines that you just couldn’t resist.

3. They taught you your first French phrase.


4. You loved how they looked like Looney Tunes characters on their first album cover…

The stars highlighted the playful, untraditional punctuation of their name!

5. …and ~mystical fairies of the forest~ on their second.

6. “Rollercoaster” made you appreciate just how crazy and beautiful your eight-year-old life really was…

Second grade was such a wild ride, you know? A veritable…rollercoaster, if you will.

7. …while “I Shall Be There” brought you to new understandings of its emotional complexities.

You had never before heard anything deeper than, “In my heart I’ll paint a picture, and I swear it’s where I’ll be.” In fact, have you really since??

8. But let’s circle back to the DENIM for a minute.

Denim on denim on denim for DAYS.

9. Seriously, there were so many jean vests in the mix.

And you coveted them ALL.

10. You and your friends totally memorized the dance from the “Jump Down” video.

There was always a minor fight about who got to be the pretty lead brunette one.

11. Really, you just loved everything about their Irish accents and plucky spirit. And denim.


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