15 Everyday Santa Sightings

So…what exactly does Santa do those 364 days he’s not working? Answer: everything. But that doesn’t mean he’s too booked up to hear what you want under the Christmas tree. Hop on a video Chat With Santa and fill him in on all your Holiday desires.

1. On the subway.

2. Hitting the gym.

3. And then taking selfies for Facebook.

4. Burning rubber.

5. Busting a move.

6. Hanging at the mall.

7. And then hitting the food court.

8. At the beach.

9. Stocking up at the grocery store.

10. And scoping out the food mags on the impulse buy rack.

11. Strolling with Mrs. Claus.

12. Getting his green thumb on.

13. And napping in the park.

14. Drivin’ trucks for some extra cash.

15. And taking a much-needed vacation.

Hop on a direct video chat with the jolly man himself and you could instantly win a $200 gift card, courtesy of Verizon FiOS. How’s that for holiday cheer?

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