15 DI(gu)Y Upgrades

It’s time to harness your inner Tim the Tool Man Taylor. We all know that guy who makes everything he owns that much more awesome. Share what guy you know at Velveeta’s Eat Like That Guy page.

1. iPants

Stop digging around in your pocket for that smartphone, you caveman.

2. Easy AC

Your minivan already looks super cool, now make it feel really cool, too.

3. Nintendo Toast

Only if you have an extra NES around the house.

4. Ladder Stack

It’s OK, he’s got a spotter.

5. Battle Kayak

Hit the hobby shop.

6. Bulk Roaster

Because you’ve got mouths to feed.

7. Corn Holder

Put a screw in that ear.

8. Door Stop

You’ve got plenty of hammers.

9. Double Decker

Not just for buses in London anymore.

10. Extreme Headphones

Pump up the volume.

11. DIY Haircut

For a rounded or straight back.

12. Rollerblade Upgrade

Add a little horsepower to your blades.

13. BMX (Bicycle Mower X-treme)

Add a little peddle power to your lawn maintenance .

14. Hamm-ak

Turn any body of water into a lazy river.

15. Doorbell

Your guests will know they’re at the right place.

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