12 Inspirational Quotes From The Wisest Fake Politicians

Listen up guys. Politicians have a lot of important things to say. For more inspirational quotes tune in to the season premiere of Veep, Sunday April 14th at 10pm on HBO.

1. When aliens are attacking, we settle for what we can get.

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President James Dale from “Mars Attacks”

2. Beautiful words of encouragement for all taxpayers.

(c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy: Everett Collection

Jay Bulworth from “Bulworth”

3. Know your strengths.

HBO, Veep / Via facebook.com

4. The important fundamentals of any great town.

Mayor Adam West from “Family Guy”

5. Sweet land of liberty.

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Mays Gilliam from “Head of State”

6. Anyone can be in politics. It’s easy.

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Vice President Nance from “Dave”

7. Knowing is half the battle for Selina.

HBO, Veep / Via facebook.com

8. These are the issues that matter.

Mayor Quimby from “The Simpsons”

9. Why didn’t anyone tell Bill Clinton this?

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Stephen Meyers from “Ides of March”

10. Step 1 to winning class president. Really understand your peers.

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Tracey Flick from “Election”

11. Never apologize for dairy.

©Fox Searchlight/__username__

Senator Ortolan Finistirre from “Thank You For Smoking”

12. Selina hates a mess.

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