15 Things Only Your Parents Can Understand

We can pretty much thank our parents for everything. Thanks for getting it, mom and dad.

1. Getting Up At 6 am To Make You An Awesome School Lunch

2. And Making Sure That Everyone Knew It Was Yours

3. Entertaining Your Vision Of Being An Artist

4. While Still Supporting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

5. Always Making Sure You Have Enough Party Pizza® For The Entire Sleepover

6. And That The Kitchen Was Always Fully Stocked

7. When You Wanted To Dress Like This On Your First Day Of School

8. Allowing You To Stay Up Late To Watch Your Favorite Show

9. And End The Day By Taking Your Favorite Toy To Bed

10. Making Sure Your Stuffed Animals Had Proper Evacuation Rules

11. Living To Capture The Moment When You Finally Got The Toy You’d Always Wanted

12. Making Sure Your First Day Of Summer Was Perfect

13. Ensuring You Had The Perfect Costume For “Dress As Your Hero” Day At School

14. Letting You “Be One With The Zoo”

15. Thinking That One Day You Would Thank Them For This When You Grew Up

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