The Ultimate Guide To Photobombing

It’s science and an art. Share your photobombs automatically and quickly at 4G speeds with T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III, and join in on the fun!

1. See someone being photographed or filmed? This is your chance to pounce.

2. Use the element of “surprise!”

3. This lady knew where the camera was.

4. Try and be sneaky.

5. Wearing something odd is helpful.

6. Here’s that element of suprise again.

7. You can photobomb in the front.

8. Just horsing around.

9. Don’t mind me.

11. Oh, hey! There’s a camera right in front of me.

12. Intercepted!

13. Pig snapshot… nope!

14. Crasher squirrel!

15. Or in the back.

17. The “dogs drool, cats rule” photobomb.

18. The “Don’t Look Behind You” Photobomb.

19. Soon. (Again)

20. Or even a combo of both.

This is so meta.

21. You can photobomb in crowds.

22. With groups of people.

23. And they don’t even have to be animate objects!

24. Random… things… can photobomb you.

25. Celebrities do it too.

26. The Paul McCartney Photobomb

27. Hi Thom Yorke.

28. See? It’s easy.

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