30 Pictures That Everybody Wants To Share With Their Friends

If you have witnessed any of these things and HAVEN’T taken a picture, what are you doing? These moments need to be shared with the world. And it’s super easy to share photos automatically and quickly at 4G speeds with T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III. Share on!

1. A picture of you meeting your favorite celebrity

3. Your new cat shirt

4. Your new fashion statement

5. Your wicked pantone nails

6. The most delicious meal you’ve ever made

7. The most excellent way you pick up your cat

8. Your new pillows

10. A shiba inu in a blanket

11. A burger with 1000 slices of cheese

12. A beluga having a good time

13. An old school picture of your dad

Because this stuff is funny!

14. A wet koala

15. A cat that really doesn’t like dogs

16. A footlong sandwich that is not actually a foot long

Your friends really need to see this.

17. A cat that is so happy to see himself

18. Bunnies that look like slippers

19. This store

20. Some fabulous alpacas

21. This baby kissing a puppy

22. Boo with his swag on

23. An ecstatic elephant

24. A bird with no regard to rules

25. Some really excited corgis

26. This hamster who enjoys eating spaghetti

28. A gorgeous blue white peacock

29. A beautiful sunset

30. This picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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