The 32 Geekiest Bedrooms Of All Time

They’re the bedrooms we deserve AND the ones we need right now.

1. The geek bedroom that started it all.

ID: 1305601

2. This bedroom that heavily draws from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

ID: 1305561

3. This Mos Eisley Spaceport/Tantive IV bedroom.

ID: 1305567

4. This Mario Bros. bedroom.

ID: 1305569

5. This subtle yet awesome Harry Potter bedroom.

ID: 1305582

6. THIS bedroom.

ID: 1305586

7. This bedroom that comes complete with a Y-wing.

ID: 1305595

Here’s another view.

ID: 1305596

and another.

ID: 1305598

8. This room with an NES bed.

ID: 1305572

9. This room with various geeky decorations (and jug of Mountain Dew).

ID: 1305575

10. This room with a retro GameCube station, a Wii station and tons of other nerd paraphernalia.

ID: 1305579

11. This pirate ship bedroom.

ID: 1305583

12. This room with hundreds of games from various systems.

ID: 1305584

13. This under-construction Star Wars room.

Note: The resting cat on the bed.

ID: 1305589

14. This room that features a TARDIS and the death star side by side.

ID: 1305594

15. This airplane cockpit bedroom.

ID: 1305600

16. This kick-ass Nintendo nursery.

ID: 1305610

17. This room that’s literally covered in geekiness.

ID: 1305613

18. This Minecraft dining hall (yes, it’s not a bedroom but it’s too amazing not to share).

ID: 1305614

19. This room that has a bed en route to Coruscant.

ID: 1305618

20. This Portal bedroom complete with companion cube pillow and nightstand.

ID: 1305623

21. This retro Star Wars room with depictions of the Battle of Endor.

ID: 1305626

22. Any room that contains this TARDIS foldout bed.

ID: 1305628

23. This Star Trek bedroom.

ID: 1305629

24. This room complete with various Nintendo-related odds and ends.

ID: 1305649

25. Yet another Portal-themed bedroom.

ID: 1305650

26. This bedroom with tons of nerdy posters (and a cute dog).

ID: 1305652

27. The room where the computer serves as a decoration.

ID: 1305653

28. This epic batcave.

ID: 1305656

29. This Lego Star Wars bedroom.

ID: 1305657

30. This Adventure Time bedroom.

ID: 1305659

32. But perhaps the geekiest dwelling of all is this one:

ID: 1305662

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