14 Everyday Unintentional Heroes

You don’t need a superpower to be a hero. All you need is a little common sense and decency. Behold! Your garden-variety hero, hiding humbly in the shadows. Be sure to check out The Rock’s new reality show - The Hero - premiering TONIGHT on TNT.

1. The bus driver who shows mercy, and keeps the doors open for you.

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He didn’t have to. But he did.

2. The compassionate being who pressed the “door open” button on the elevator for you.


3. The cashier at the bodega who throws in a penny so you don’t have to break your dollar.

Brent Rambo approves.

4. The friend who refrains from saying “THIS NEXT PART IS SO FUNNY” while watching a movie he’s already seen.


5. The buddy who pulls over and waits for you after going through a yellow light.

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6. The guy who liked a band from the very beginning, but doesn’t brag about it.

7. The patron who takes it upon herself to stack her own dishes at a restaurant, making the server’s life easier.

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8. That noble gent who not only replenishes the toilet paper after finishing a roll, but puts it on the spool, too.

Chivalry is not dead.

9. The kind woman with the full shopping cart who lets you go before her because all you’re buying is bread.

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10. The dog owner that does her pooch a solid when its ear inevitably flips.

11. The true friend that sees you’ve left your Facebook account open, and signs out without posting an embarrassing status update.

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12. The friend who knows how to play the harmonica, but does not do so unless asked.

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No one likes impromptu harmonica solos. No one.

13. The over-worked dog walker.

kweeston / Via instagram.com

Preventing pee stains since the dawn of time.

14. Every single person who pulls over when an ambulance flies by.

Ok fine - it’s the law. But doesn’t it just make you feel good about humanity?

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