15 Reasons Why Teens Must Not Inherit The Earth

Don’t believe the children are our future. Presented by The 100, where 100 teens inherit a post-nuclear Earth hundreds of years in the future: Wednesdays at 9/8c, only on The CW.

1. I mean… just look at them.

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2. They’re too busy on their phones to get anything done.

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3. Their only experience with manual labor is swiping and tapping.

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4. They’d spend too much time twerking and not enough working.

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5. This would be their solution to the oil shortage:

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6. The only court system they care about is the mall food court.

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7. They would, 100% guaranteed, start a war on a dare.

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8. News of any national crisis would be met with this:

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9. This is how their Congress would act:

So some things would remain the same…

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10. They don’t know history, and thus are doomed to repeat it.

"I'm not scared of boats, I'm scared of ships." "Titanic" "That was fake, it was a movie" "No Walter, that was real" "Really?"

— Run Forever (@run_always)
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11. They’d do as little as possible, and just try to coast on by.

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12. Senioritis would plague the land.

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13. Snapchat would become the primary form of communication.

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14. Their primary export would be selfies.

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15. And their society would collapse when the elephants eat their phones.

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Catch the series premiere of The 100, March 19 at 9/8c only on The CW.

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