The Ultimate Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis GIF Debate

Be informed. Find out where these two comedy legends stand on the issues that matter most to you. Catch more debatable moments in “The Campaign.” Own it 10/30 on Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack or Digital Download.

Introducing The Candidates

ID: 653461

1. On Animals:

ID: 653336

2. On Looks:

ID: 653312

3. On Anger:

ID: 653371

4. On Diet:

ID: 653539

5. On Confrontation:

ID: 653417

6. On Happiness:

ID: 653553

7. On Feelings:

ID: 653577

8. On Entertainment:

ID: 653597

9. On Interacting With Women:

ID: 653644

10. On Family:

ID: 653630

We’re out of time.

ID: 653480

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