Cats That Deserve Treats For Just Being Cute

Do you really need a better reason to give your cat a treat? Nope. Being cute is all it takes! Give your cats TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats. A shake of the bag is all it takes to make your cat’s mouth water.

1. Wouldn’t you love giving this guy a treat?

Cat: I am adorable. And I am licking my paw.
You: Oh yes, that is adorable. I wish to pet you and shower you with treats.

2. This cozy kitten deserves more in life.

Cat: Life is a bore without some excitement.

3. This cat is looking longingly at that bag of treats.

Cat: Do these gorgeous eyes mean nothing to you!?

4. There’s just so much cuteness going on here.


5. Chill cat knows that treats are on the way.

Cat: Just gonna hang out until those treats come my way.
You: I am not worthy to be in the presence of such a cool cat.

6. This cutie pie will keep buggin’ if you don’t hand the treats over.

7. If you say no to these eyes, then you are a MONSTER!

8. This little kitten is a number one contender for a prize.

You: Try and catch this toy! Weee! Isn’t it fun?
Cat: Yes, yes, this is all fun and games, but where is my treat?

9. Snoopy the cat looks fabulous in sunglasses.

He deserves everything wonderful and more.

10. This kitten is thinking, “Cuteness will get me far in life.”

11. Office cat needs some lovin’ too.

Cat: I did your spreadsheets. Now can I have a treat?

12. The cutest deserve the best!

Cat: Oh, you’re giving me treats? Come snuggle with me.

13. Ring bearer cat asks, “Will you marry me?”

14. These cats deserve treats for being super cleanly.

15. Batcat fights for justice… and cat treats.

16. This kitty will nibble your fingers off if she doesn’t get a treat soon!

17. Standing cat is majestic.

You: OMG. You’re standing!
Cat: I have risen from the ground to come and collect my treats. Do I amaze you?

18. Cute kitten will paw her way into your heart.

19. What’s cuter than a cat with a heart mark?

Cat: The heart means I love you (when you give me treats)!

20. Bashful cat loves treats.

You: Ohhh, my cutey-kins. I love you soooo much!
Cat: Awww, stop! You’re too much.

21. Meow!

Cat: You cannot resist my charms.

22. This well-groomed cat is hankering for a treat.

23. Well, I say! Gentleman Cat thinks a treat would be splendid.

Cat: Good master, it would be absolutely marvelous if you granted me a goodie.
You: Of course, sir.

24. This cat enjoys taking walks and reflecting on nature.

Cat: The world is a beautiful place for me to frolic, play, and indulge in treats.

25. You wouldn’t deny a cat with such a fine mustache, would you?

26. This cat is not only cute! He can do nifty tricks too.

27. Snowballs, the cat, knows that treats are coming!

28. If these cats don’t deserve treats, then who does!?

Cats: We cannot hide our love!
Everyone: [Chorus of Awwws!]

Inspired by TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats

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