19 GIFs Of Cats Going Crazy For Treats

It’s a well known fact that cats love treats! Especially TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats! A shake of the bag is all it takes to make your cat’s mouth water. Come take a peek at these excited little guys.

1. This cat heard you shaking the bag and can hardly wait!

ID: 359880

2. This cat can smell the deliciousness waiting for him.

ID: 359867

3. This cat can taste it now!

ID: 359881

4. This cat wants you to let her in, so she can get those treats.

ID: 359882

5. This cat is screaming with excitement.

ID: 359888

6. This cat is waiting for you to get off the internet.

No Tumblr for you!

ID: 359890

7. This cat is just too excited to eat!

ID: 359895

8. This cat is a sly little thing.

ID: 359896

9. This cat is impatient and wants his treats NOW.

ID: 359900

10. This cat fondly remembers the delicious taste of treats.

ID: 359902

11. This cat wants treats after listening to dubstep.

ID: 359903

12. This cat runs in place to burn more calories (for more treats)!

ID: 359904

13. This cat just heard you say, “Treats!”

ID: 359906

14. This cat is jumping with joy!

ID: 359908

15. This cat will climb to the top.

ID: 359911

16. This cat is saying, “WHERE!?”

ID: 359912

17. This cat will not share his treats.

ID: 359916

18. These cats want more, please!

ID: 359875

19. This cat is just so happy to have finally gotten a treat!

ID: 359910

Inspired by TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats

If you have a cute cat, enter them in the A-Meow-Ican Idol contest sponsored by TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats! They could be the star of the BuzzFeed Cute badge!

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