16 Reasons Why Your Cat Deserves Treats

If you really need a good reason why to treat your cat, here are 16 great examples of why you should! Just give them TEMPTATIONS® Treats For Cats, and they’ll love you forever. Cats can’t resist them!

1. She’s asking very nicely.

How could you deny a cat with such good manners?

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2. Because he knows how to congratulate you.

Smooth fist bump.

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3. He helps you on your daily workout.

“C’mon! Just 10 more push-ups to go!”

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4. He lets you know when he needs some love.

And love you will give him!

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5. Because she’s loving to other animals.

Land and sea creatures!

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6. He dances when he’s happy!

That deserves a treat and a round of applause.

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7. Because she’s such a good mommy!

Extra treats on Mother’s day, yes?

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8. He gives you kisses.

And you better give some back.

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9. She gives you cuddles when you play video games.

And you don’t even care if she’s interrupting because it’s so darn cute.

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10. He gives the most loving hugs.

So you’ll never feel lonely.

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11. He puts up with the costumes.

He knows you think it’s cute, but he better get something out of this!

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12. Because she lets you play with her paws like this.

And doesn’t claw back!

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13. She’s playful with your dog.

That little rascal.

ID: 360231

14. But she also gives the dog great massages!


ID: 360296

15. Because she let you give her a bath!

An amazing feat right there.

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16. Because he has to deal with being a pillow.

The price you pay when you’re cute and cuddly.

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Inspired by TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats

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