The 2012 Gift Guide For The Party Animal In Your Life

Worried about the perfect gift for the party animal in your life? In honor of the un-rated Ted Blu-ray™ release, here’s 16 awesome presents thateven the most professional of partiers can use. Ted-approved, naturally.

1. Break Dancing Instructions

2. Bottle Opener/Pacifier

Because parenthood shouldn’t preclude partying.

3. Bible with Hidden Flask

So she can party and confess to partying at the same time.

4. Medieval Fantasy Beer Helmet

Party like a dwarf.

5. “The Party Animal” DVD

In case she needs some ideas.

6. Lots and lots of Colt 45

Works every time (according to party authority Billy Dee Williams).

7. A Beer Bath

Available in the Czech Republic only.

8. A DIY Ice Luge

Just add water. And vodka.

9. Full-Sized Ted Costume

For those who really want to party like Ted.

11. “Party in the USA”

Every party needs a soundtrack.

12. Goldfish Shoes

For only the most stylish of party animals.

13. Twinkies (RIP)

Soon to be exclusive.

14. A Pickup Truck/Hot Tub

Also known as the “redneck jacuzzi.”

15. Bikini Vending Machine

Just in case.

And, of course: Ted on Blu-ray (un-rated version)


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