Meet The Swaggiest, Most Handsome Pit Bull On Instagram

Pitbull ain’t got nothing on this pit bull. Dale.

1. Chango was on his way to a shelter when he was saved by Evelyn Ramirez and her boyfriend Juan Manuel Quiñonez. He was just 5 months old. Today, he has evolved into an Instagram style icon.

ID: 3523558

2. Ramirez told BuzzFeed, “He’s a very patient guy and we were amazed at how calm he would be when we put stuff on him. So we went with it.”

ID: 3523446

3. “He actually sits down and lets us do whatever with him as long as it’s followed by belly rubs and chewy treats.”

ID: 3523519

4. Here’s Chango, ready for his magazine spread.

ID: 3523460

5. Chilling in his casuals and still bringing it.

ID: 3523463

6. Hiding from the paparazzi.

ID: 3523487

7. Seducing you with his style.

ID: 3523499

8. Cozy for game day.

ID: 3523506

9. Fedorable in his stylish get-up.

ID: 3523518

10. Brunch time.

ID: 3523530

11. Pondering his next style move.

ID: 3523522

12. Getting his cardigan game on.

ID: 3523528

13. Date night!

ID: 3523540

14. Look how he rocks those stripes.

ID: 3523433

15. Rockin’ that grandpa style.

ID: 3523544

16. The future face of GQ magazine gazes into the horizon, undeterred by his rising star power.

ID: 3524271

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