This Web Series About Cats Running A Pizza Hut Is Everything

And these cats are real cutie-pies.

1. Pizza Hut Japan has launched a web series called Pizza Cat. It’s a fictional Pizza Hut run by four absolutely adorable, cutie-pie cats.

ID: 3660744

2. The show’s episodes focus on the internal workings of this fine feline establishment.

ID: 3661922

3. Uh-oh. The Pizza Cat boss catches has caught his employees napping on the job.

ID: 3660973

4. Here’s how he handles the “nap” debacle.

ID: 3660998

5. Woooo! Pizza Cat gets its first order.

ID: 3661005

6. Here’s how Pizza Cat’s boss analyzes employees’ pizza stats.

ID: 3661011

7. While the boss is away, an employee eyes a forgotten pizza.

ID: 3661019

8. Here, another employee gives Pizza Cat a thorough clean.

ID: 3661021

9. A Pizza Cat employee plots her delivery route.

ID: 3661025

10. Stuck with some smelly grunt work. Boo =(

ID: 3661032

11. At the end of a long work day, Pizza Cat’s boss counts his hard earned money because, make no mistake, this is a very serious business.

ID: 3661035

12. You can watch the episodes in their entirety here.

H/t Adweek.

ID: 3661269

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