18 Dogs Who Have A Serious Case Of The Mondays

Mondays are truly THE WORST.

1. This dog who refuses to rise and shine.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291460

2. This dog who just wants to stay in bed and cuddle.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291424

3. These dogs who are too cozy to care for Mondays.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291357

4. This dog who came home drunk last night and face-planted and is now struggling to wake up.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291463

5. This dog who does not look happy to be woken up.

Madison Griffin / Via
ID: 3291291

6. This dog who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291457

7. This dog who is still drunk.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291458

8. This dog who doesn’t care if she’s late for work.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291309

9. This dog who looks like it fell asleep on the toilet.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291402

10. This dog who fell asleep while taking a bath.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291358

11. This dog who can’t stay awake long enough to get dressed.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291374

12. This dog who’s finding it hard to stay up in the morning meeting.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291312

13. This dog who can’t stop dozing off on the job.

PrincessPoochikins / Via
ID: 3293866

14. This dog who just needs to take a quick siesta on his lunch break.

mma7904 / Via
ID: 3293894

15. This dog who has a terrible hangover.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291371

16. This dog who’s trying to stay up while doing an important presentation.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291411

17. This dog who is trying hard to hang on till quitting time.

Compilariz / Via
ID: 3291399

18. These dogs that barely made it through Monday.

funnyplox / Via
ID: 3293921

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