This Makeup Artist Recreates Iconic Cartoon Characters On Her Lips

Read these lips.

1. Laura Jenkinson is a London-based makeup artist and beauty blogger, who woke up one day and decided to paint cartoon characters on her lips.

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2. “My inspiration comes from all over…[like] films, Disney, art, other artists, especially fellow makeup artists on Instagram…”

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3. “…and my friends and family always give me lots of ideas to try out!” Jenkinson said in an email to BuzzFeed.

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4. “It took a ton of practice,” said Jenkinson. “When you look at the first stuff I did you can definitely see an improvement.”

Laura Jenkinson / Via Facebook: 201886346663622

“My very first one was a Minion which my friend told me to do — I guess she can have the credit for that.”

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5. She mainly uses Kryolan [Professional Makeup] products. She also uses “things from [her] kit, like lipsticks and eyeliners.”

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6. Each piece takes Jenkinson anywhere between one and three hours to complete.

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7. Jenkinson told BuzzFeed, “I go slowly and take my time building up layers. Plus using the right products and brushes really helps!”

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8. The accuracy of the characters’ depiction is near-perfect.

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9. Her most recent work, she said, is a tribute to Robin Williams.

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10. You can see more of her cool lip art here.

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