24 Insanely Creative Ways To Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Now it’s your turn to pop the question.

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1. If you both still can’t stop talking about Cher’s revolving closet…

Universal Studios / Clueless / Via

Totally give her one of these adorable pom pom necklaces.

Get it here.

2. If neither of you are hipsters, but you enjoy hipster things…

Make her a funky honor message box.

3. If a Downton Abbey marathon counts as a therapy session…

Present her with an elegant Victorian broach a la Lady Mary.

4. If you two never miss a chance to vent over fancy desserts…

The CW/ Gossip Girl / Via

Place your sweet request inside macaron limoge boxes.

These are from Layla Grace.

5. If you went from playing with Barbies together to becoming young ladies…

Give her a charming paper doll note.

These will take you straight back to your doll-playing days.

6. If Wine Wednesdays are, in fact, every day …

ABC Studios/ Disney-ABC Domestic Television / Via

Stick a personalized label on her favorite bottle of vino.

She’ll need a bottle (or six!) for all the work she’ll be doing. Get it here.

7. If you’d road trip to Nashville in a heartbeat…

ABC studios / Via

Strum up some rustic tags with a darling southern touch.

Go ahead. Pop some tags.

8. If she’s better at solving puzzles than you’ll ever be…

Paramount Pictures / Via

Give her a custom-made set of clues…

9. Or even just one letter!

Jen | Something Turquoise /

Here’s how to DIY the perfect ring.

10. If you dared each other to eat glue in elementary school…

FOX/ 20th Century Fox Television / Via

Get crafty and make her a cut-and-paste card.

Learn how to make them here — and don’t forget the safety scissors!

11. If Portlandia is totally your style…

IFC/ Portlandia / Via

Give her this vintage-inspired handkerchief.

Get one here, then put a bird on it.

12. If you’re the friend who likes to take care of everyone else…

ABC / ABC Studios / Via

Pack her a personalized bridesmaid’s survival kit.

Fill a mini-suitcase like this one with necessities: gum, perfume, lotion. And a flask.

13. If you’re not sure how she’d fare against a vampire…

Warner Bros. Television / Vampire Diaries / Via

Give her an “heirloom” locket to protect her.

14. If she’s Got a Friend in You

Write a message on the bottom of your shoes.

15. If you love eating cupcakes so much that you would open a cupcake shop together…

Warner Brothers / Two Broke Girls / Via

Give her a cupcake inside a cupcake with a note written on a cupcake.

(Because cupcaaake.)

16. If you know each other’s life soundtrack at any given moment…

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Take her back to high school with a mix CD.

17. If you’ve been friends since the ’80s…

Write something funny on a vintage photo.

#tbt just got real.

18. If distance means you can’t pop the question in person…

Get sentimental (and sign-worthy!) on Skype…

Janae Hardy / Via

19. Or surprise her with the best mail day ever.

Find these here.

20. If she needs coffee just to survive…

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Pop the question barista-style.

21. If you’re always ready to grab a beer at your favorite pub…

CBS / 20th Century Fox Studios

Cheers to her in a personalized mason jar.

22. If she’s the craftiest person you know…

Make her a DIY surprise.

Learn how to make them here.

23. If there’s no one else you’d rather ride shotgun with…

20th Century Fox Television

Get her a travel-inspired care package.

24. Finally, if nothing is TMI in your relationship…

Give her an honest card — and don’t hold anything back.

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