15 Reasons Why The First Week Of College Is The Best Week

Sad about going back to school? Well, DON’T BE! You’ve got a really great first week to look forward to, courtesy of Target.

So, going back to college makes you feel like this.

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Until you remember how fun the first week is!

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1. Because you are finally free from your embarrassing parents!!

Love you, mom and dad!

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2. And in your new home.

trevorjamal / Via instagram.com

Look at this beautiful blank canvas—you can decorate this however you want!

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3. You’re back with all your buddies.

Omri Rolan / Via facebook.com

Who totally get you.

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4. And can indulge in all that delicious campus food.

Nazareth College / Via Flickr: 34600060@N08

There’s also usually an abundance of free food during orientation week. Score!

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5. You meet all of your new teachers who are just learning your name.

lets_dothat / Via Flickr: 11360997@N05

The best part is when they ask what you preferred to be called—it’s like opening Pandora’s box.

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6. And spend all week doing silly icebreakers.

rachaelfezza / Via instagram.com

Each teacher wants to get to know “a little bit about you,” and will probably make a joke about forgetting everyone’s name.

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7. You don’t have any books yet, so all you do is doodle.

koltr0n / Via instagram.com
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8. And text in class.

beeshooaradi / Via instagram.com
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9. And eat in class.

maritrein / Via instagram.com
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10. Basically, anything goes.

ambergolden_juice / Via instagram.com

This is college after all.

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11. You finally get to play with all your new school supplies!

EvelynGiggles / Via Flickr: 23797059@N02

Not that you actually really even need any of this.

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12. And can walk around your beautiful campus…

James Emery / Via facebook.com

…while the grass is still nice.

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13. This is also the time to sign up for something new on club day.

Sharon Duffy / Via facebook.com

Club day is so fun.

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14. …Like, perhaps Greek life?

Matt Runkle / Via Flickr: 54690773@N05
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15. But no matter what, you’re really feeling school spirit this week.

alexisnyal / Via Flickr: 46984975@N05
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Because the first week is the best week!

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