The 15 Most Unapologetic Canadian Responses To The Men’s Olympic Hockey Win Against The U.S.

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Canada came out on top after a grueling and heart-palpitating match against its rival competitor south of the border. But as polite of a people they are, the Canucks reveled in their win and made sure the U.S. heard them. Here are the best of the’s reactions to the game.

2. These Bieber custody settlers.

4. This bar’s new menu item.

Breathe easy Canada! 1-0 win over USA sends Team Canada to Sunday's GOLD medal game!!! #GoCanadaGo #WeAreWinter

5. This tweet from one country’s leader to the other. Lol.

7. And a slew of proud and insincere apologies to the United States.


Dear USA: Sorry about earlier, but it's hockey. It's Canada's game. You already "won" the gold in Ice Dancing. Isn't that enough? #GOLD

15. And one truly genuine one:

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