The 25 Best Taylor Swift Audience-Dancing Moments Of All Time

Tay-tay’s moves are trouble, trouble, trouble at award shows.

1. This mean-mugging shoulder roll during the AMAs.

ID: 2085578

2. Followed by a set of these girly shimmies.

ID: 2085590

3. This airplane maneuver she executed extremely passionately.

ID: 2085647

4. To complement some signature moves she pulled from her preteen years.

ID: 2090289

5. This rave-y dancing she dished out during the Grammy’s.

ID: 2085742

6. This moment when she danced with her face.

ID: 2090478

7. This celebration of girlhood she coordinated with Selena and Katy.

ID: 2090039

8. And this bit of sass she shared with her BFFL.

ID: 2090132

9. This iconic Taylor moment when she was caught really feelin’ the music.

ID: 2089566

10. This saucy shoulder rotation move.

ID: 2090461

11. These moves like Jagger.

ID: 2090854

12. This endearing attempt to connect with the chick next to her, who’s clearly not as invested in the performance.

ID: 2085781

13. And then she had to sit down. BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP TAY FROM SEAT-DANCING.

ID: 2085804

14. Oh no, she did not let this two-inch dancing radius prevent any moves from being busted.

Even Selena was inspired to get into it.

ID: 2089633

15. Like this coy “come ‘ere” maneuver.

ID: 2089756

16. Or these sexy shoulder sashays.

ID: 2089773

17. BUT THEN SHE GOT TO STAND UP AGAIN and she was overcome with excitement.

ID: 2089819

18. Because it was officially dance o’clock and these powerful moves were not going to waste.

ID: 2089851

19. Slow-mo’ this time:

ID: 2089860

20. And now sped up:

ID: 2089865

21. And now only the emotive lyric-mouthing part.

ID: 2091711

22. And now with a touch of drama:

ID: 2089921

23. Even though Taylor Swift is usually seated among A-list celebrities at award shows…

ID: 2090508

24. …the girl is absolutely Fearless.

ID: 2090547

25. Tay-tay is the most committed audience dancer ever. Watch and learn.

ID: 2090592

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