22 Hilarious And Disturbing Missing Cat Posters

They will make you laugh. And then be concerned.

1. “Please return dead and alive.”

ID: 1721955

2. Yes, I’ve definitely seen this cat.

Kudos to the kid for drawing its butthole, though.

ID: 1721878

3. The case of mistaken identity.

ID: 1721945

4. Please help find Thundercock.

ID: 1721978

5. The Ron Swanson ad.

ID: 1722045

6. Doodling its face would have helped a little bit.

ID: 1722078

7. So, who’s going to be the one to tell Colby.

ID: 1722117

8. Mizzundahstood.

ID: 1722193

9. The result of outsourcing the missing poster responsibility to your kid.

Britta Kleitsch / Via b-townblog.com
ID: 1722280

10. One way to retire your cat.

ID: 1722228

11. A bad joke.

ID: 1722254

12. A bad joke, part II.

ID: 1722366

13. A bad joke, part III.

ID: 1722383

14. A cat and its owner’s mind have gone missing.

ID: 1722309

15. Please help locate all 18 pounds of Chubtastic.

ID: 1722329

16. Schrödinger’s cat.

ID: 1722485

17. Not quite looking hard enough.

ID: 1722547

18. A major catsitting oops.

ID: 1722789

19. Bud, you dick.

ID: 1725065

20. Someone took to jazzing it up.

ID: 1725308

21. Getting to the point.

ID: 1725039

22. Missing feline and social commentary.

ID: 1725098

But guys, amid hilarity, please return cats if found.

ID: 1722660

Any clues or leads will help.

ID: 1722980

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