19 Gross Dessert Ideas To Make A Sick Halloween

Guaranteed to make you lose your sweet tooth. Some are not even in the spirit of Halloween, which is terrifying.

1. This ode to childbirth.

ID: 1707306

2. These bloodied bandaid strip hors d’oeuvres.

ID: 1711194

3. This tray of edible kitty litter.


ID: 1710086

4. These Q-tip marshmallows.

Oh yeah, because you wanted to eat EARWAX.

ID: 1711315

5. This plate of jello in the mold of a human brain.

T-Bags / Via

Albeit a spirited Halloween party idea, but nope.

ID: 1710119

6. This rodent cookie with cream cheese innards.

*repeated heaving motion*

ID: 1710255

7. These chocolate hazelnut ravioli trying to be food porn.


ID: 1710301

8. This artfully plated ice cream dessert con worms.

Zagat / Via

An actual dessert menu item offered at a restaurant in San Francisco. They also serve other popular foods à la bugs.

ID: 1710558

9. This soupy gelatinous pot of really wrong.

Just no. Not even approp for Halloween.

ID: 1710950

10. This tray of intestine puff pastries.


ID: 1711064

11. This other tray of intestines/cherry pie.

Nope again.

ID: 1711105

12. This pumpkin puking pumpkin.

ID: 1711181

13. These giant raisin roaches.

ID: 1711380

14. This plate of human heart.

ID: 1711394

15. Yes, these unborn fetus cookies exist.

Why. So many other shapes to choose from.

ID: 1711448

16. These piles of shit cookies.

ID: 1711415

17. These literal finger foods.

ID: 1712373

18. This culinary inventor’s “toxic waste” banana pudding.

ID: 1711505

19. And finally, THIS.

Stephan Betins / Via


ID: 1711123

Note from the author: I’m so sorry.

ID: 1712231

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