31 Daintiest Dainty Things That Ever Happened

Guaranteed to make you pretty-squeal.

1. A teeny tiny skull on a teeny tiny golden band.

Find it here.

ID: 2007099

2. To match a teeny tiny skull hanging on the teeniest, tiniest golden chain.

Find it here.

ID: 2007270

3. A little heart tattoo preciously resting under your shoulder.

ID: 2007164

4. These subtle geeky finger tattoos you wish you had.

ID: 2018575

5. Gauzy lace nail decals that will make you pretty-squeal.

ID: 2020311

6. The daintiest of daisies on perfect acrylic nails.

ID: 2007255

7. A minimalistic gold ring almost invisible to the naked eye.

Find something similar here.

ID: 2007324

8. A necklace with delicate folds of a paper crane.

Find it here.

ID: 2007334

9. Small state necklaces to show pride in the prettiest way.


Find all kinds here.

ID: 2007518

10. A single thunderbolt for the understated Harry Potter fan.

Find it here.

ID: 2018502

11. A fragile triangle bracelet that became a precious photo op.

ID: 2019523

12. A pint-sized bow cutely cuffing your ear.

Find it here.

ID: 2019563

13. And this darling small dipper constellation for your lobes.

ID: 2019619

14. A fragile “&” necklace that makes a subdued statement.

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ID: 2019592

15. A baby moon kissing a baby star on a necklace.

Find it here.

ID: 2021178

16. The most petite box on the most minimalistic of necklaces.

Find it here.

ID: 2019659

17. A brown bracelet gently holding a single snowflake.

ID: 2007084

18. This fragile garland of fresh flowers for your hair.

ID: 2019685

19. These extremely ethereal lace garments that should be handled with the utmost care.

ID: 2019726

20. This impossibly small bracelet with very fine details.

ID: 2019751

21. This petite bunny ring with a single Swarovski crystal.

Find it here.

ID: 2019766

22. Razor fine heart cutouts strung over Christmas lights.

ID: 2019805

23. A single frail chain left on a tiny ornate dish.

ID: 2020228

24. The smallest white polar bear against a tiny golden glacier ring.

ID: 2020677

25. A single tiny rose elegantly positioned on a pastel macaroon.

ID: 2020346

26. An itsy bitsy anchor kept in an itsy bitsy cork bottle.

ID: 2020447

27. A precious little black bow perched on your index finger.

Find it here.

ID: 2020734

28. Gentle wisps of a dandelion kept in a mini cork bottle (hung on a frail chain).

ID: 2020834

29. These frail flowers resting softly on her elegant collarbone.

ID: 2020884

30. This wee bitty cup of coffee you can wear.

Find it here.

ID: 2020986

31. And a pair of teensy-weensy itty-bitty puny-wuny pizza stud earrings.

Find them here.

ID: 2020603

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