Celebrities With Amazing Fish Tanks

Forget fancy cars, fish tanks are the new status symbol. This is not your average goldfish bowl my friend, but a full-blown aquarium with all the fixings. Try not to be too envious of these celebrity aquariums, and catch Tanked on Animal Planet, Saturdays 9PM E/P.

1. Chad Ochocinco

This New England Patriot Football player sure loves aquariums!

He’s got one over his bed AND surrounding his TV!

4. Usher

Usher got the fine folks of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (featured in Tanked) to make him an aquarium in the back of this car!

7. Kanye West

A 250-gallon aquarium filled with black moor and chocolate Oranda goldfish set off the end of his bathtub.

9. Roy Williams

The Dallas Cowboys player has a 3000 gallon shark tank in his living room.

11. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre has quite the fish tank, also made by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

13. Steven Spielberg

15. Nelly

Nelly’s 6 million dollar house includes 4 aquariums.

17. Stephen Ireland

Stephen Ireland (an Irish footballer) has a pretty extravagant house. You can see in the picture below too.

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