10 Crazy And Outrageous Aquariums

Why have a normal fish tank when you could have an amazing aquarium? These fish tanks are incredible to look at and are absolutely outrageous. To feast your eyes on more magnificent aquariums catch Tanked on Animal Planet, Saturdays 9PM E/P.

1. Fish Toilet

2. Telephone Booth

3. The World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium

The AquaDom is a 25-meter tall cylindrical aquarium in Berlin, Germany. There’s an elevator inside too.

4. Dining Room Aquarium

5. Bathtub Fish Tank

6. An Entire House Built Around An Aquarium

Located at the Gleneagles Golf Course in Scotland.

7. Gumball Machine Tank

8. Aquarium Above A Bed

9. Jukebox Aquarium

10. Keg Aquarium

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