11 Of The Craziest Things Ever Done On Game Shows

What would you do? You won’t believe what contestants have to go through in the dark on Syfy’s Total Blackout returning Tonight 10:30/9:30c.

1. Eating noodles in a washing machine:

ID: 683674

2. Frogs hopping all over your face:

Syfy’s Total Blackout returns Tonight 10:30/9:30c. with more hysterical fun in the dark.

ID: 766325

3. Racing on your thighs:

ID: 683659

4. Falling through the floor:

ID: 765738

5. Eating marshmallows with a rubber band around your face:

ID: 766102

6. Riding a bike across a lake:

ID: 766126

7. Human Tetris:

ID: 766141

8. Treadmill karaoke:

ID: 766145

9. Climbing stairs with your head:

ID: 766190

10. Running through 70 fluorescent light bulbs:

ID: 766201

11. Pantyhose tug of war:

ID: 766224

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