13 Ways To Have An Unforgettable Holiday Party

Take your party to the next level with SVEDKA Vodka.

1. Slip into that onesie.

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2. Have a cocktail to awaken your holiday spirit.

Svedka / BuzzFeed

Try these amazingly delicious cocktails to get your party started.

3. Turn up the music!

Try out this playlist!

4. Be sure to make your way to the shots table!

5. Oof, now you’re hungry!

6. Maybe… pizza??


7. Now DANCE!

8. Spot your crush from across the dance floor…

9. Do you think she sees you?

10. Maybe a little mistletoe will get her attention.

beacon / Getty / Thunderchild7 / (CC BY 2.0) / Via 157675983 / Flickr: thunderchild5

12. She’s coming over…

13. The rest is up to you.

Goodnight and good luck. Happy holidays everybody!

Need a refill? Who doesn’t?


For more delicious cocktail recipes, check out Svedka’s new cocktail recipe collection here.

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