Your New Favorite Animal: Numbats!

Allow me to introduce the sweetest li’l secret on this fine earth: the NUMBAT. These endangered little marsupials are Australian, adorable, useful (they eat as many as 20,000 termites per day!), and they are also known as Walpurti. Walpurti!

1. This is a numbat

ID: 246748

2. Hand-raising baby numbats at the Perth Zoo

ID: 246735

3. Baby numbats

ID: 246750

7. Young adult numbats

ID: 246762

8. Collared numbat

ID: 246749

9. Sassy prance you got there, numbat!

ID: 246742

10. They always seem to have one little paw in the air

ID: 246744

16. Loungin’ numbat

ID: 246753

17. Numbats standing on branches

ID: 246766

20. Numbats play-fighting

ID: 246770

21. Numbat stare-down

ID: 246771

22. Curious numbats

ID: 246774

24. YAWN!

ID: 246776

25. A Numbat Bento Box

ID: 246781

26. Love You, Numbats!

ID: 246779

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