The First Annual Cat Video Film Festival

On Thursday, August 30, history was made at Walker Art Center as the first ever Cat Video Festival was held. Here are 76 videos that were chosen among thousands of submissions to be shown and nominated in various CATegories – plus pictures live from the event. If you weren’t one of the lucky thousands who made it out, you can still vote for best in show up until September 7!

1. Introduction

ID: 555686

2. Comedy

Patty Cake Cats, by Seth Miller

ID: 555689

Gary’s Disgusted, by ClintWeiler

ID: 555696

Talking Cat, by cutefurrytales

ID: 555697

Cat Acts Like Dog, by TushiRIT

ID: 555699

Cat Barks Like Dog, by noobdaily

ID: 555701

Nom Nom Nom Cat, by k1pperiz

ID: 555704

Cat Meowing Weird, by Takahura

ID: 555714

Cats Scream Yawns, by theindiemachines

ID: 555715

Cat Burp, by iveftfirecracker

ID: 555716

Underwater Treadmill Cat, by neosurrealist

ID: 555717

Cat Shower, by HolaKenty

ID: 555720

Cat Alarm Clock, by GarrulousCrap

ID: 555724

Why Won’t He Wake Up? , by Mitone Cooke

ID: 555725

Peek-A-Boo Suitcase Cat, by cmbt89

ID: 555737

Yes Cats, by Gattacapa

ID: 555738

Kittens Dancing, by tariqwahl

ID: 555740

Kitten Freak Out, by 100disks

ID: 555741

Kittens Riding Vacuum, by melodyparris

ID: 555752

Kitten Train, by SpaceyStacy88

ID: 555756

Kitten Pounce on Dog, by pratvids

ID: 555763

Kitten Can’t Jump, by RoAsTLevin

ID: 555766

23. Drama

Kitten vs. Two Scary Things, by ignoramusky

ID: 556704

Stalking Cat, by lowdope

ID: 556706

Cat vs Cat Balloon, by CarlyandRobert

ID: 556707

Dramatic Cat – Orchestral, by John Pickup

ID: 556709

WTF Kitty, by DidHEDiedChannel

ID: 556712

The OMG Cat, by Davincipop

ID: 556714

Persian on Bed, by akkitom1

ID: 556716

Banana Security, by richfofo

ID: 556718

White Cat on Two Legs, by crazystuff103

ID: 556720

Orange Cat Gone, by teakdc

ID: 556724

Angry Cobra Cat, by shoutitallloud

ID: 556726

Serious SOS Cat, by DogsAnimalsCats

ID: 556727

Little Cat Provokes Big Cat, by phunit

ID: 556729

Cat Jump Fail, by FiatVeronica

ID: 556730

37. Foreign

Kittens in Bowls, by lpoleschtschuk

ID: 556734

Gatonovela, by flix

ID: 556736

Les Chats Ninjas, by faireset2

ID: 556738

I am Maru 4, by mugumogu

ID: 556739

Happy Birthday Cat, by tomomama3

ID: 556740

Les Vieux Cons, by faireset2

ID: 556741

Cat Scratches Butt, by xanaduvista

ID: 556742

44. Animated

Simon’s Cat, by simonscat

ID: 556743

Sushi Cats, by TandNPeanuts

ID: 556745

Welcome to Kitty City, by cyriak

ID: 556748

Boots and Cats, by AfferatteDesign

ID: 556750


Catvertising, by johnst172

ID: 556751

Space Cats, by andyfreeberg

ID: 556752

Engineer’s Guide, by klusmanp

ID: 556753

51. 100 Ways to Love a Cat, by travisandjonathan

ID: 556754

Facts on Cats, by richfofo

ID: 556755

Cat Show Trailer, by Madden Meiners

ID: 556757

54. Musical

The Internet is Made of Cats, by rathergoodstuff

ID: 556761

Nora, the Piano Cat, the Sequel, by burnellyow

ID: 556762

Kitty Cat Dance, by steveibsen

ID: 556763

Island Kitty, by jordan9148

ID: 556765

Trololo Cat, by thetoaster2006

ID: 556768

Catsik ft. Exkitten – Swagga, by KrashOPS

ID: 556769

Live PopTart Nyan Cat, by BradJohnsen

ID: 556770

Sky Mall Kitties, by ninakatchadourian

ID: 556772

62. Art House

Cory Arcangel, by coryarcangel

ID: 556774

Noodle Cup Heads, by shironekoshiro

ID: 556775

Slow Motion Kitten, by mundomudado2010

ID: 556776

Purring Face, by dangerbird64

ID: 556777

Cat Puke, by slaveclothes

ID: 556779

67. Lifetime Achievement

Kittens Inspired by Kittens, by blakekelly0

ID: 556781

Surprised Kitty, by rozzzafly

ID: 556782

Keyboard Cat, by chuckieart

ID: 556783

70. People’s Choice

Dubstep Cat, by xga66erx

ID: 556784

Two Talking Cats, by TheCatsPyjaaaamas

ID: 556786

Nonono Cat, by MrDron059

ID: 556787

Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten, by dragomirnet86

ID: 556788

Maru Slides into Boxes, by mugumogu

ID: 556789

Nyan Cat, by saraj00n

ID: 556790

Henri 2, Paw de Deux, by WillBraden

ID: 556791

78. The best pictures from the festival:

Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556793
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556798
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556806
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556800
Craig Lassig / AP

Photographing Lil Bub!

ID: 556805
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556803
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556804
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556802
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556799
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556801
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556794
Craig Lassig / AP

Will Branden of Seattle winning the Peoples Choice Award for “Henri Part 2.”

ID: 556795
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556796
Craig Lassig / AP
ID: 556797

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