The Fantastic Adventures Of Biddy The Hedgehog

Biddy should be a hero to us all, in terms of general intrepidness.

2. He is bored by your silly human cages.

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3. But he enjoys being held.

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4. He also enjoys green grass…

ID: 1244102

5. …running on the beach…

ID: 1244110

6. …contemplating philosophical paradoxes…

ID: 1244131

8. …activism…

ID: 1244122

9. …and most of all: ADVENTURE!!

ID: 1244130

10. On this good day, Biddy got to ride in a car.

ID: 1244127

12. And there was bubble tea!

ID: 1244128

13. Every day Biddy is reminded that the earth is a really beautiful place.

ID: 1244105

14. It has pretty rivers…

ID: 1244099

16. …leopard-print blankets…

ID: 1244103

17. …snowmen…

ID: 1244115

18. …and hedgehogs!

ID: 1244124

19. Oh, and waterfalls.

ID: 1244140

20. Especially waterfalls.

ID: 1244121

21. Biddy knows you don’t have to go far from home to have a good time.

ID: 1244137

22. But it doesn’t hurt!

ID: 1244104

23. Biddy loves it when the sun is shining on his little quills.

ID: 1244138

24. He loves having a good view of a breathtaking landscape.

ID: 1244123

25. But the best part is getting to experience it with the people he loves.

ID: 1244134

26. We could all stand to be a little more like Biddy.

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