The Adorable Knight Rises: Baby Bats!

These little guys aren’t even a little bit scary or vampiric. “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal… you become something else entirely: SUPER-CUTE, Mr. Wayne. Like, way cute.”

1. Lil’ Drac Is Rescued

ID: 444226

2. Lil’ Drac Learns To Fly

ID: 444260

3. Finger-sized!

ID: 444232

4. Little Swaddlers

ID: 444233

5. BFFs

ID: 444234

6. Palm-sized

ID: 444239

7. Sleepy Baby

ID: 444313

8. FACE!

ID: 444235

9. And your face!

ID: 444236

10. A Baby Yawning

ID: 444228

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