The 25 Worst Dogs You Went To College With

You can find these dogs at any college.

1. The dog you saw looking at porn in class.

ID: 1110233

2. The dog who NEVER stops studying.

ID: 1110143

3. The dog who’s always trying to prove they’re smarter than you.

ID: 1110293

4. The dog who is over-attached to their significant other.

ID: 1110836

5. The dog who never shuts up about the philosophy course they’re taking.

ID: 1110743

6. The roomdog who’s always doing weird shit when you come home.

ID: 1110856

7. The dog who is always staring at you when you’re trying to work.

ID: 1110773

8. The dog who’s constantly complaining about their part-time job.

ID: 1110296

9. Sorority dogs.

ID: 1110756

10. Bro dogs.

ID: 1110782

11. The dog who’s obsessed with working out to lose that freshman 15.

ID: 1110297

12. The dog who you run into at the most embarrassing possible location off campus.

ID: 1110321

13. The dog who thinks they’re funny.

ID: 1110249

14. The dog who’s wasted by noon.

ID: 1110322

15. The dog who never stops TALKING about how drunk they were last night.

ID: 1110631

16. The dog who’s always overdressed.

ID: 1110103

17. Finance majors.

ID: 1110739

18. The dog who’s always missing class because they’re “sick.”

ID: 1110261

19. The dog who can’t wait to be done with school so they can move to Brooklyn.

ID: 1110144

20. The dog who insists on wearing pajamas everywhere just to prove how hard they’re working.

ID: 1110145

21. The dog who never got over their high school breakup.

ID: 1110130

22. The dog who expects everyone to be as socially conscious as they are.

ID: 1110805

23. The dog who gets you all arrested with his really bad fake dog ID.

ID: 1110108

24. Freshdogs.

ID: 1110724

25. The dog who you don’t even know but who randomly shows up in every picture you take.

ID: 1110170

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