Let’s All Look At This Cat, Smoosh (And Also Lil Bub)

Smoosh the cat has got the best face, and he has also has the best “girlfriend” – Lil Bub! Here are some pictures of your brand new obsession.

1. This is Smoosh!

ID: 595944

7. Here’s Smoosh on his birthday.

ID: 596119

8. Getting a bath.

ID: 595965

9. In a bag.

ID: 596102

10. Here’s Smoosh with a dinosaur on him.

ID: 595951

11. Here’s Smoosh with a doily thing on his head.

ID: 596140

12. He was a cat burglar for Halloween.

ID: 596032

13. He loves boxes.

Sound like anyone you know?

ID: 596092

19. And finally, the happy pair!

ID: 595936

20. Smoosh! Lil Bub! AHHHH!!!

ID: 595937

21. My heart is in pieces around me.

ID: 595939

22. P.S. Here’s Bub chasing Smoosh’s tail.

ID: 595941

24. XOXO, Smoosh!

We love you!

ID: 596020

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