Kate The Dog And Pippin The Deer Are Best Friends Forever

When Pip was just a few days old, her mom got scared and ran away from her baby fawn. Kate the great dane stepped in to help, and a beautiful friendship was born.

1. Lookit!

Kate “adopted” Pippin when the fawn was only a few days old.

ID: 687539

The pair snuggling when Pippin was only three months old.

ID: 687528

A more recent portrait.

ID: 687529


ID: 687535


ID: 687532

Kate + Pip = LOVE.

ID: 687537

7. Watch them in action!

Kate “adopted” Pippin when the deer was just a wee fawn.

ID: 687518

Pippin is completely free to come and go, and she has had five fawns over the years, but she still visits Kate to play and snuggle.

ID: 687522

They are truly friends for life.

ID: 687517

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