26 Internet Experiences You’ll Never Have Again

Now you’re just the internet I used to know. :(


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1. This sound.

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2. Which you’d hear every time you dialed in to your favorite local BBS.

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Early BBSes had EVERYTHING: games, discussion rooms, “electionic mail,” file sharing..

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Even IRL meetups!

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3. Or maybe you started with AOL. Remember A/S/L checks in your favorite AOL Chat Room?

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4. Or was Prodigy’s “Interactive Personal Service” your first online experience?

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You’ll never play “Mad Maze” again. :(

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5. Clicking on “A Random Link.”

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6. Searching the WWW with the help of the internet’s first famous dog, the LYCOS mascot.

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7. Learning basic HTML so you could build your first web site on Geocities!

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With an auto-playing midi cover of your favorite song, obviously…

View this embed ›

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8. Hooking your site into like-minded others with the power of WEBRINGS.

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9. Building your dream home in a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD).

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10. Checking in on your favorite cam girl.

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11. Introducing your friends to the miracle of “Hampster Dance.”

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12. Looking at naked girls or having arguments about They Might Be Giants on Usenet.

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13. Scoping out the hotties of Makeout Club dot com.

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14. Copying and pasting an email survey and sending it to all 30 of your friends.

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15. Crafting the perfect AIM “away message.”

wow i h8 how every1 is putting VdAY PLaNz on their aways. SO COOL. LIKE OKAY maggie & mike, have a gr8 time at Applebees NO1 CAREZ!!

— your away message (@YourAwayMessage)

your away message


wow i h8 how every1 is putting VdAY PLaNz on their aways. SO COOL. LIKE OKAY maggie & mike, have a gr8 time at Applebees NO1 CAREZ!!

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16. Updating your LiveJournal.

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Especially choosing your “current mood.”

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And making fancy icons for whatever you were into.

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17. Getting “testimonials” from your Friendster buddies.

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18. Building a huge music library for free with Napster.

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Which you then burned on mix CDs for your friends and crushes.

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19. Or spending years confused about who did what songs, thanks to the genius of your fellow KaZaA users…

Madonna - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

— Your KaZaA Library (@KaZaASongs)

Your KaZaA Library


Madonna - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Various artists- How Bizarre

— Your KaZaA Library (@KaZaASongs)

Your KaZaA Library


Various artists- How Bizarre

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20. Getting MySpace notifications.

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And carefully selecting your “Top 8”.

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Blingeeing out your profile picture.

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21. Wasting hours scrolling through pictures on “Hot or Not”

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22. Taking highly scientific personality quizzes and tests that changed your entire perception of your tween self.

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23. Asking Jeeves.

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24. Watching this Homestar Runner video 10 times in a row.

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25. Caring for your Neopets.

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26. The beautiful MySpace/Livejournal hybrid that was Xanga (RIP)

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In conclusion…

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