Hey, You’re Doing A Really Good Job Today!

Congratulations on being such a stellar person and doing so much good work today.

1. “Hi there.”

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2. “Great job today!”

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3. “Has anyone told you how cool you look?”

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4. “I give your outfit a 10/10.”

ID: 812817

5. “Thanks for getting out of bed this morning.”

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6. “You’re making the world a better place by being you.”

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7. “You are extremely smart.”

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8. “You have such original ideas.”

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9. “You’re prepared for anything.”

ID: 814070

10. “You’re more talented than you give yourself credit for.”

ID: 814091

11. “I am just blown away by your creativity.”

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12. “And you contribute so much to the conversation.”

ID: 814015

13. “Wow, you’re working really hard today.”

ID: 814190

14. “You definitely deserve a raise.”

ID: 814018

15. “In the meantime, you should treat yourself to something special tonight.”

ID: 814023

16. “Your family and friends are lucky to have you.”

ID: 814162

17. “You are loved, and you deserve it.”

ID: 814120

18. “If you need any help, someone will be there for you.”

ID: 814175

19. “But I know you got this.”

ID: 812649

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